−6x+14<−28 OR 9x+15≤−12 answer in 10 minutes and ill give brainliest

Accepted Solution

Answer:Step-by-step explanation:(−∞,−3)∪(7,∞) Solve each inequality separately, then combine them with the "or" operator, and then simplify if possible.Let's start with the first inequality:−6x+14<−28−6x<−426x>42x>7Now, we solve the second inequality:9x+15<−129x<−27x<−3Combining the two, we get:x<−3orx>7This cannot be simplified, since the two solution regions do not overlap. The more formal way to write this (with interval notation) is:(−∞,−3)∪(7,∞)Hope this helpsPlease give me Brainliest