How are angles, parallel and perpendicular lines used in real world settings? Give an example

Accepted Solution

Answer:See explanation below.Step-by-step explanation:Angles, parallel, and perpendicular lines are used in daily life to calculate things like the height of a tree, the capacity of a tank or how full a tank is based on how high the water is, and how to build things like stairs. Building stairs requires the use of lines based on measurements and ratios to draw the stair-steps on the board called a stringer. The stringer is the board that the steps are actually placed on.The height of a tree can be calculated by knowing that the tree basically forms a right triangle and taking the measurements of a known object and the  length of the shadow that is cast, for example. The ratio between the two can give the height of the tree.Parallel lines help to build things like a tree house. You want the opposite walls to be parallel. You can use perpendicular measurements to make sure the walls are parallel.Hope this helps!! Have an Awesome Day!! :-)