PLEASE HELP PRECALCULUSAnalyze the function f(x) = sec 2x. Include:- Domain and range- Period and Amplitude- Two Vertical AsymptotesWILL MARK BRAINLIEST

Accepted Solution

Use the form asec(bx-c)+d to find variables a b c d. now to find period we use the formula [tex] \\ \binom{2\pi}{ b} [/tex]the period will be [tex]\pi[/tex]amplitude is none. Domain x is not equal to[tex] \frac{\pi}{4} + \frac{n\pi}{2} [/tex]range[tex](- \infty , -1) U [1 \infty )[/tex]vertical asymptotes [tex]x = \frac{n\pi}{2} [/tex]where n is integer