the point (5,-2) is on the terminal ray of angle 0, which is in slandered position. without evaluating, explain how you would find the values of the six trigonometric functions. plz answer I need it by today plzzzzzzzz HELP.​

Accepted Solution

Answer:Step-by-step explanation:ABP is the angle with measureΒ βˆ…, where BA is the initial ray and BP the terminal ray.2. m(PNM)=βˆ… as can be easily checkedIn triangle PNM, NP=5, PM=2 and NM= units3. let opp=opposite side, adj=adjecent side, hyp=hypothenusesin βˆ…Β = opp/hyp=cos βˆ…Β = adj/hyp=tan βˆ… = opp/adj=2/5cot βˆ… = adj/opp=5/2sec βˆ… = hyp/adj=csc βˆ… = hyp/opp=I hope this helpsPlease give me Brainliest